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Dentistry For Toddlers

When To Take Your Toddler To The Dentist

It’s never too early to build a healthy relationship with a dentist and starting at an early age means having support for the crucial years when your child’s smile is developing. Not every dentist has the experience or extensive education required to practice pediatric dentistry. Our team are all experts in pediatric dentistry and have years of experience working with children and helping them get a happy, healthy smile!

When your child’s baby teeth start to develop in full force, it’s time to step up the dental care and we’re prepared for the challenge. Sucking fingers and thumbs is a common move for many toddlers, but what parents don’t often know is that this can actually cause damage to the position of the jaw over time. Our pediatric dentist is happy to answer any questions you may have about this habit and offer tips for how to motivate your toddler to grow out of it.

Outside of education about non-nutritive (thumb sucking) habits, our expert pediatric dentist will work to strengthen your child’s smile with a routine dental cleaning and exam. Pediatric dental cleanings are especially important for growing smiles because they get rid of accumulations of dental plaque, a bacteria-filled substance that can cause cavities. By cleaning it away, we’re able to protect smiles from tooth decay and help your toddler feel refreshed!

For questions or concerns about your toddler's dental care, please do not hesitate to call our team today! (615) 247-7100

Another major goal of pediatric dentistry for toddlers is to help teach kids good home care for their oral health as early as possible. Once your child is capable of holding a toothbrush, we will give you the tools and techniques to help them learn the best way to brush. We believe the best way to teach children to brush is to make it fun! Making brushing fun turns it into a positive experience in kids minds which will then encourage it to be habitual.
While brushing and flossing should always be your first defense in protecting your smile. Sometimes we need an extra barrier to safeguard from plaque and bacteria. Sealants are a clear enamel paint which is applied to the tops or crowns of teeth, giving your child added protection in those hard to brush areas where we most commonly see cavities. Dental sealants last for several years without maintenance beyond regular oral hygiene at home, so you can get them applied early and count on their protection until your child’s adult teeth come in.
Fluoride has been shown to encourage good oral health by strengthening teeth and preventing tooth decay. To a certain degree, the earlier children are exposed to it, the more effective it is at sidelining tooth decay. That’s why many municipalities add fluoride to drinking water in small amounts. It’s also why it is included in many types of mouthwash and toothpaste. While these passive methods of fluoride exposure are usually enough, regular fluoride treatments from your local dentist help ensure your child gets the maximum benefit from exposure to this compound. When you visit our pediatric dental office in Pleasant View, our team will look at your child’s smile and determine if fluoride is needed.

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For all questions and concerns about your toddler’s oral health, please contact our team. Our pediatric dentist and staff will be more than happy to help. To schedule your toddler’s appointment, contact our Pleasant View office. Together, we can provide your toddler with the best dental health around! (615) 247-7100