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Dentistry For Infants

Dentistry for Infants: Baby's teeth and more!

Starting your child’s dental journey young is important! Children's Dental Health Center recommends that parents bring in their infants by the age of six months. We recommend bringing your child in at six months because it is usually the time when a baby’s first tooth appears. It is our goal to make sure your baby feels comfortable in our office as we help them establish great dental practices, almost from birth! Also, we hope to prevent any dental issues in advance. By starting early, we can address any dental related problems and treat them immediately.

Bringing your child in at a young age for pediatric dental care also establishes a relationship with our team and your child. This bond building helps your child feel more comfortable at the dentist when they are older, making their visit fun and enjoyable rather than scary.

For questions or concerns about your baby’s first dental appointment, please do not hesitate to call our team today! (615) 247-7100

Even before your baby has teeth, there are specific dental practices that parents should be made aware of. These are simple steps to ensure that your baby’s teeth grow in healthy, and clean. We recommend the following:
  • Gently clean your baby’s mouth and gums after every feeding with a soft washcloth (even before they have teeth)
  • Never put your baby to bed with a bottle in hand
  • When teeth begin to grow, brush them twice a day with a toothbrush designed for babies
We provide several dental services specific to babies. Our team and pediatric dentist will support the growth and health of your child’s teeth, gums, and mouth. We offer the following services for infants:
  • Oral Health Risk Assessment: With each visit, we will assess your child’s risk of developing tooth decay, their oral hygiene, and help you with questions about diet and fluoride exposure. It is our goal to prevent as many future dental issues as possible. By having routine checkups, your baby will be off to a great start!
  • Teething: We understand that the teething process can be tricky. Many babies become fussier than usual and have difficulties sleeping. Please let our pediatric dentist know if you need extra tips on how to soothe a teething baby. We are here to help!
  • Fluoride Treatments: Fluoride is a valuable mineral typically found in municipal water supplies, it helps our teeth become healthier and less prone to decay. Sometimes, if your home is on well water or another non-municipal water source, your child might need additional fluoride treatments, we can provide these right in our Dickson office.
  • Non-nutritive Habits: We want to ensure that the structure of your child’s teeth and jaw is correct from the beginning. Unfortunately, habits like thumb and finger sucking can disrupt these structures. In fact, long-term thumb sucking can alter the position and shape of your child’s jaw and teeth.
  • Frenuloplastia & Frenectomies: From birth, a child may have extra tissue bands connecting the lips, cheeks, or floor of the mouth, these bands are called frenum. Our pediatric dentists can perform a minor oral surgery to remove these bands and prevent interference with your baby’s dental health and speech.
  • Sedation: Sedation dentistry may be necessary for some infants. Our pediatric dentists will administer a drug to sedate your infant. Occasionally, this is necessary in cases of particularly fussy babies and babies who will not stop crying, special needs infants, or babies with a gag reflex. We will carefully sedate or semi-sedate your child for a short period to check their mouth and teeth if necessary.

Contact Our Pediatric Dentist About Your Infant Today!

For all questions and concerns about your baby’s oral health, please contact our team. Our pediatric dentist and staff will be more than happy to help. To schedule your baby’s first dental appointment, contact our Pleasant View office. Together, we can provide your baby with the best dental health around! (615) 247-7100